Wedding Photography

Your day your way

We know that your wedding is going to be one of the most important days of your life and we work very closely with you running up to the day to make sure that your 100% happy with what we are going to do for you. It’s your day and we find the ways to fit around your plans so you get the most your wedding.

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Have us for the morning

£125.00 Extra

Have us for the evening

£125.00 Extra



Under the wedding ceremony package we will photograph your wedding day from just before the ceremony until the speeches whether your reception is at the same venue as the service or another. We will take an image of the bride and groom mock cutting the cake.

We will be at the ceremony venue before even the Guests or the Groom arrive photographing the venue itself whether it is a Registry Office, a Church, a Field, a stately home or a tin shed. We will arrive a little earlier than anyone else so that photographs of the venue itself can be taken as well as any small details that make the ceremony yours.

Upon arrival of the guests we aim to photograph everyone as small formal group shots whilst informal shots of families laughing and generally meeting and greeting one another will be made continuously.

We will photograph the arrival of the groom and take photographs of him formally and informally along with his best men. We understand how frustrating it can be for a photographer to take away a lot of your time from you meeting your guests upon your first arrival, we don't always taken the formal shots upon the grooms immediate arrival to the venue instead we prefer to assess the best and most relaxed time to do so with minimum interruption to the fluidity of your day.

Once the groom waits for his bride, we will split with one of us inside the venue photographing guests at their seats (if allowed by the venue) whilst the other waits for the bride to arrive taking and making images of her stepping out of transportation and also creating some formal portraits with her bridesmaids and any one giving her away.

Once the service begins we work together covering two main vantage points of the venue. One up front ready to capture the key defining moments as delicate details of the ceremony such as rings being exchanged and the other from the back of the venue making the establishing shots.

Once the ceremony is over we will be waiting for you to walk down the isle with one of us outside the venue ready to photograph any confetti being thrown and of course the immense amount of congratulations hugs and handshakes you will recive.

If allowed and agreed with yourselves we can quickly set up a dramatic photograph of all of your guests throwing confetti over the newly weds. Again though, it is completed up to you.

After the ceremony groups shots will be taken of everyone together and smaller family and friends. We will have a list already on us agreed with yourselves of which groups you wish to have taken. Some couples give us huge lists, others small. We can take the group shots at the ceremony venue or if you are having a reception elsewhere we can take the group shots there.

At your reception we always photograph as much detail of your wedding breakfast as possible including balloons, ribbons, name places, tableware layouts and any other special trinkets you have on the table or in the room.

Whether you are planning on having your speeches before the wedding breakfast or after, we will stay with you until we have photographed the speeches, toasts and laughter.


£125.00 Extra

If you would like us to visit you before the wedding ceremony, at the bride’s home or even the grooms home this can be a great way for us to capture informal pre wedding nerves, tears and laughter. This is where we like to photograph mainly reportage style as the grooms gets his tie on, flowers are being delivered, bridesmaids helping the bride with her dress and also key future memories such as the bottle of perfume or the 'something old, something new' the bride might be wearing. We can also use this time to take some formal images of the bride and bridesmaids or the groom with his best man at home.


We understand that some brides and grooms would like us for the morning but are a little shy this is why we are very flexible especially when it comes to the morning package. There is no one-way especially when it comes to the morning. All brides, Grooms, families and homes are different and we understand this.


When booked for the morning we usually photograph at either the brides or the groom’s house however sometimes we are able to cater for both and this does not incur any extra charges. 


£125.00 Extra

Immediately after the speeches until the first dance and later, this is when the party begins. We will stay with you until the very end of the evening including chatting, dancing, the real cutting of the cake if not done already and of course that friend who always falls to sleep in the corner of the room wherever you take him. Having us at your evening do allows us to photograph those guests who were not able to make it to the ceremony including work colleagues and those travelling from a far.